Present on over 15,000 ships and offshore platforms and with over 40 years of experience, RWO can be considered one of the leading suppliers in on-board water treatment. SIRN, as exclusive agent and distributor for Italy, provides spare parts and on-board assistance, making use of its qualified staff.


For over 150 years, Fassmer has been offering advanced safety solutions to the naval world. Appreciated for its great versatility and possibility of customisation, it stands out for its multiple offering of lifeboats, tenders, boarding systems and various types of merchant and military vessels.


Founded in 1952, Pres-Vac Engineering has established itself as a world leader as a supplier of high-speed valves for pressure/vacuum regulation in tanks, also supplying aeration systems.

Enraf Tanksystem

ENRAF TANKSYSTEM, part of the Honeywell Process Solutions group, is a leader in the marine market for the supply of portable instruments for measuring tank cargo levels (UTI) and product sampling. Enraf ​​Tanksystem also produces specific bridge valves that allow the devices to operate in restricted or gas tight situations.

Enraf Tanksystem

Since 1984, Teamtec has been the brand in the naval and Off Shore sector for incinerators and ejectors, always ahead in research.

Kamelia Cleantech

Kamelia Cleantech offers tailor-made scrubber systems, produced by a team of highly qualified professionals based in Finland. It also offers a complete exhaust gas cleaning system that allows the reduction of sulfur oxides from emissions. Kamelia Cleantech is part of Unique Group, a specialist in integrated solutions in the maritime, oil and gas, renewable energy, underwater and military sectors.

Green Instruments is a company specializing in measurement and analysis technologies, both for the marine and terrestrial sectors. It develops and produces measurement and control systems for emissions, water and gas analysis, and machinery protection systems in hazardous areas. Green Instruments is a leader in oxygen analysis systems in inert gas systems, in smoke opacity monitoring systems, in the detection of air and gas dust, and in systems for optimizing the operation of boilers in the naval sector. Finally, it is a pioneer in the sector of monitoring the washing water of exhaust gas cleaning systems.


Green’s was founded in 1821 in Wakefield, United Kingdom. Always specialized in the naval sector, it combines its historical background and current skills to design, engineer and produce flue gas boilers, oil boilers, boiler components, spiral finned tubes/H-wings, superheaters, steam drums . Green’s also carries out installations, inspections, repairs, piping and spare parts on boilers both at sea and during dry dock.


Howden is one of the most consolidated companies in the naval sector. The brand of their famous turbo compressors HV-TURBO was born at the Helsingoer shipyard, Denmark, a place where they are proud to still be present. Production has been moved since 2012 to the modern factory in Germany, near Frankenthal. Drawing on its exceptional experience in the sector, Howden today presents the new Air Lubrication System: the lubrication of the hull by blowing air.


Since 1960, Dasic has been producing fixed and portable systems for tank washing and fans for forced ventilation of tanks for multiple sectors, including the naval one.


Silentor is a Danish company that designs, produces and markets exhaust silencers. With over 47 years of research and development under its belt, Silentor products have unique features on the market.


Founded in Germany in 2006, Mareflex GmbH immediately established itself in the naval market, with various useful solutions to safeguard safety on board.

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