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  • RWO – VEOLIA Water Technologies

    With over 40 years of experience and having equipped 15.000 ships and offshore installations, RWO - VWT can be considered one of the leading suppliers for water and waste water treatment system. As sole agent and distributor in Italy, SIRN provides spare parts and service on board with our own, qualified personnel.

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  • Fassmer

    With over 150 years of experience, Fassmer leads in innovative marine life-saving solutions.  Appreciated for great versatility and different possibilities of customization, they offer a wide range of products, including: lifeboats, rescue boats, tender boats, deck equipment and both marine and naval vessels.

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  • Pres-Vac

    Founded in 1952, Pres-Vac Engineering is the world’s leading supplier of high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves. With customers from all over the world, it has been supplying pressure vacuum valves and venting equipment to shipyards, naval architects and other partners on all continents.

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  • Enraf Tanksystem

    ENRAF TANKSYSTEM belongs to Honeywell Process Solutions and is a world leading company in the marine market for portable level gauging and sampling equipment. In addition, they produce dedicated deck valves which, when coupled with their portable equipment, guarantee safe work both in restricted and gas tight operations.

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  • Teamtec

    Since 1984, Teamtec is the leading brand in the marine and Off Shore market for Incinerators and ejectors. Always ahead in research.

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  • Kamelia Cleantech

    Kamelia Cleantech offers tailored, intelligent scrubbers, engineered in Finland by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. It also provides complete exhaust gas cleaning (ECG) scrubber systems that reduce Sulphur Oxide (Sox) emissions from ships. Kamelia Cleantech is part of the Unique Group, leading specialist and integrated solutions provider across the global marine, oil and gas, renewables, subsea and defense industries.

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  • Green Instruments

    Green Instruments is a global company specialized in measurement and analysis technologies for both marine and land-based industries.It develops and manufactures monitoring and measuring equipment for emission control, water and gas analysis, hazard detection, and machinery protection. Green Instruments is the leading supplier of inert gas oxygen analyzers, smoke density monitors, oil mist detectors, and boiler protection systems for the marine industry with more than ten years of experience in monitoring and analyzing exhaust gases on ocean going vessels, and a true pioneer in monitoring wash water after exhaust gas cleaning systems.

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  • Green’s

    Founded in 1821 in Wakefield, UK, Green’s has always been a specialist in the marine market. Combining its history with modern skills and technologies, the company designs, engineers and manufactures waste heat boilers, exhaust gas boilers, oil fired boilers, boiler components, finned tubes, superheaters, steam drums, structural steelwork. Green’s also provides boiler services during voyage as well during dry dock, as: installation, inspection, repair, pipework and fabrication, spares.

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