SIRN: Nautical products that innovate the market

With over 50 years of experience, SIRN can be considered one of the leading companies in the naval flooring and representation sector.

The company has always stood out for its drive for innovation, quality and safety; a constant in over 50 years of experience.

In the field of cementitious and thermo-acoustic floors, it was already a dealer for DUNLOP SEMTEX in the 1960s. Subsequently, with the expansion of the shipbuilding industry, it developed a wide range of technical floorings, with its own products and those of specialized companies, developed to bring solutions to the market that fully responded to the ever-increasing needs of the shipbuilding market. Cruise ships and luxury yachts.

SIRN also represents and distributes systems produced by various market leading companies, with particular attention to the protection and safeguarding of the environment and safety at sea.

Marine products that innovate the Market. 54 Years on the Sea | 1969 – 2024

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