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SIRN. Marine Products that Innovate the Market.

With 50 years of experience, SIRN is the leader company in marine flooring and representation.

Certified ISO 9000 since 2001, SIRN has always stood out for its striving for innovation, quality and safety, which are constant traits in its over 50 years of experience.

In the field of production and application of marine floorings, the company became the licensee for the DUNLOP SEMTEX formula already in the Sixties. In the years that followed, exploiting the expansion of the Italian ship building industry, it developed a range of technical floorings to answer the market’s needs.

In the field of representation of foreign companies, SIRN was the first to introduce in Italy new plants, such as the cathodic protection system against corrosion and gaseous fire suppression systems. Today, SIRN successfully works as Sole Italian Agent of some of the most important companies that produce engines and equipment for the marine market.

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